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Special Announcements:

  • A Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th at 7pm at JK Property Management’s offices, 2500 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 209, Hollywood FL 33020.  Agenda items are: 1) Call to Order, 2) Announcement of Quorum, 3) Treasurer’s Report 4) Vote on 2019 Budget, and 5) Adjournment.
  • A new License Plate Reader has been installed at the entrance in conjunction with the City of Hollywood Police Department. In addition to recording entrances, it flags vehicles registered to people with outstanding warrants, monitored individuals (e.g. sexual predators) and vehicles/tags reported stolen, among other categories. If a flagged vehicle enters our community, Police dispatch will be alerted, who can, in turn, alert our officer on patrol. The successful installation of this unit is the culmination of a months-long coordinating & lobbying effort by the board with key contributions from a concerned neighbor. Its installation was passed at a previous HOA meeting and was eventually installed well under budget.
  • Our lakes have been stocked with Fish: 650 Bass and 1,600 Bluegills! Enjoy fishing and please remember to catch & release.
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